The success of DVCC is based upon the expertise and practical construction experience of James T. Hamje, P.E. and an integrated network of seasoned professionals.

Delaware Valley Construction Consulting has a strong track record on a variety of project types.

  • Commercial/Residential High Rise Buildings
  • Prisons
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Courthouses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports-Baggage Handling Systems
  • Military Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Landfill Projects
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Granite Cladding Systems
  • Rail Car Manufacturing
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Transportation
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Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania and New Jersey


• BSCE, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1983

• MSCE, Drexel University, 1991

• OSHA Construction Safety Certificate


Summary of Experience

Thirty-eight years of progressive experience in civil engineering, including design, construction management, expert services, CPM scheduling, estimating, calculation of damages, inspection and testing. Projects involved commercial and residential high-rise buildings, hotels, prisons, hospitals, stone cladding systems, airports, military facilities, schools, universities, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical, FGD, power plants, aerospace manufacturing, industrial facilities, roadways and underground utilities.

Project Experience

As Construction Consultant, Mr Hamje has extensive experience in CPM time impact schedule analyses, engineering errors and omissions analysis, labor inefficiency studies, damage computations, preparation of contractor claims, and detailed technical analysis of project financing, design issues and contract interpretation. Mr Hamje has provided expert testimony in court, arbitration and international arbitration, and provided negotiation assistance in numerous dispute resolution forums.

Work History

Power Plant, Cambridge, MA: Analysis of impact of change orders, permitting, and architectural impacts to schedule for design-build gas-fired cogeneration power plant.

University Athletic Facility, Chapel Hill, NC: Analysis of workmanship issues, delays and performance of athletic turf and track systems for indoor athletic facility. Testified as expert in arbitration.

High Rise Courthouse, Cleveland, OH: Prepared time impact analysis of stone cladding fabrication and erection delays, tower crane sequencing and concrete building core construction.

Power Plant, Londonderry, NH: Evaluation of structural design, piping
and electrical delays to design-build power plant project.

Hotel, Charlotte, NC: Analysis of delays to building structure leading
up to termination of the general contractor. Testified as expert in deposition.

Ben Franklin Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA: Analysis of schedule delays caused by contaminated soils
and structural steel coordination.

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Analysis of schedule delays to sand filtration system procurement and installation
for wastewater treatment plant.

Desulphurization System, Taiwan: Analysis of procurement delays for equipment designed and supplied for FGD system serving a coal-fired power plant in Taiwan.

Desulphurization System, Turkey: Analysis of construction and procurement delays for FGD system serving a coal-fired power plant in Turkey.

Hotel Building, Alpharetta, GA: Schedule delay analysis and analysis of technical issues such as A/C unit installation details, differing soil conditions,and architect’s standard of care. Testified as expert in deposition.

Prison Facility, Chester, PA: Analysis of delays and termination of sitework & utilities subcontractor and miscellaneous metals subcontractor. Testified as expert in AAA.

Middle School, Elizabeth, NJ: Analysis of contractor delays, contractual issues, structural steel erection and drywall framing. Performed analysis of contractor costs.

VA Hospital, Boston, MA: Analysis of constructive acceleration by Owner. Due to no baseline schedule, delay analysis
was based on as-built schedule.

Ras Tanura Oil Refinery, Saudi Arabia: Extensive analysis of design-build issues for $115 million contract including preparation of $60 million claim. Created innovative graphics depicting engineering and construction acceleration and delays to drawing development. Appeared before Saudi arbitration board.

Faber Elementary School, Dunellen, NJ: Expert for School Board defense of differing site conditions and construction delays for new elementary school construction. Testified in arbitration.

Office High Rise, Boston, MA: Prepared time impact analyses for design, testing, fabrication and erection of granite cladding system for 75 State Street building. Extensive analysis of subcontractor costs and labor inefficiency.

Downstate Prison, Fishkill, NY: Analyzed foundation delays and additional costs arising from differing site conditions
and winter concrete and masonry labor inefficiency.

Psychiatric Hospital, New York: Evaluated HVAC, radiant heat piping and RF Shielded room coordination and acceleration issues.

Sheraton Hotel, Stamford, CT: Analyzed foundation and steel erection delays and finishes changes by the Owner.
Used models to demonstrate complex construction sequencing.

Peabody Hotel, Orlando, FL: Schedule and technical evaluation for Gilbane involving fast-track design delays and impact of curtainwall subcontractor bankruptcy.

Metropolitan Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ: Prepared contractor claim involving precast shop drawing delays, code compliance issues and water infiltration problems with EIFS cladding.

Showboat Casino, Atlantic City, NJ: Prepared drywall subcontractor claim to recover costs from extensive acceleration and change order impacts.

Social Security Building, New York City, NY: Extensive CPM time impact analysis involving delays to shoring
and sheeting, foundations, structural steel, exterior masonry, windows, mechanical and electrical work. Evaluated impact
of extensive changes and acceleration. Informal testimony given at mini-trial proceedings.

King Khalid Military City, Saudi Arabia: Schedule analysis of design, fabrication and erection of barracks utilizing
over 25,000 precast concrete elements on a $1 billion project.

Public Housing Project, Plymouth, MA: Analysis of buckling of synthetic composite plastic/wood decking, construction delays and water infiltration problems.

Elementary School, Moscow, PA: Analysis of failure of exterior masonry cast stone veneer cavity wall. Inspection of reconstruction of veneer wall.

High School Roof Collapse, Hazleton, PA: Forensic analysis of steel joist roof collapse at a high school due to excessive snow loads and design/coordination errors.

Bookstore Roof Collapse, Christiana, DE: Forensic analysis of roof collapse under high snow loads. Evaluated design calculations, BOCA Code application, maintenance of the roof and steel joist manufacturing defects.

Moshulu Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA: Forensic analysis of failure of synthetic composite plastic/wood decking for restoration of a historic tall ship converted
into a floating restaurant.

Residential: Investigation and remediation of water infiltration, structural problems and collapses for various residential properties.

Residential High Rise, Philadelphia, PA: Analysis of contractor workmanship for renovation of high rise structure, including gas piping systems, elevators, roofing and interior finishes.

Historical Restoration, Atlantic City, NJ: Analysis of impacts due to asbestos abatement and design changes for ceiling restoration of an historic arched structure.

U.S. Navy: Analyzed ship building design, compliance with ABS standards, and assembly delays for prototype torpedo testing and retrieving vessels.

Interstate Plaza, Springfield, VA: Detailed review of developer’s project budgets on behalf of the lending bank to prove manipulation of soft costs in order to conceal construction overruns. Provided support for expert testimony
at trial.

Hyattsville Justice Center, MD: Analysis of backfill unit price issues, limestone cladding, utility relocation and extensive design clarifications
for courthouse project.

Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, HI: Technical evaluation of soil and asphalt pavement compaction testing procedures for runway expansion project.World Financial Center, New York: Developed detailed tracking of fabrication and erection delays to granite cladding system. Provided support for expert testimony at trial.

Coast Guard Barracks, Kodiak, AK: Analyzed timber glu-lam structural design problems and fabrication delays,
and delays and costs of asbestos removal.

Smithsonian Museum Storage Facility, Suitland, MD: Technical analysis of design and code compliance for state-of-the-art museum storage system constructed under performance specs.

High School Athletic Facilities, Pittsburgh, PA: Analysis of retaining wall design and construction delays, grading and underground utility construction.

Pharmaceutical Plant, LaPorte, TX: Analysis of impact of engineering errors and omissions to construction schedule for bulk pharmaceutical plant. Testified as expert in arbitration on schedule delays, engineering standard of care and contractor damages.

Singapore Pharmaceutical Plant: Analysis of engineering performance utilizing state-of-the-art 3D CADD and IT systems in design of major grassroots bulk manufacturing facility. Testified as expert in scheduling and engineering in International Arbitration.

American Express Building, New York City, NY: Evaluation of financial impact of placement of metering for electrical power consumption at high rise office building.

Power Plant, Cambridge, MA: Analysis of impact of change orders, permitting, and architectural impacts to schedule for design-build gas-fired cogeneration power plant.

High School, Beacon Falls, CT: Analysis of masonry productivity based on bid rates and actual production. Analysis of impact to other contractors and schedule delays.

VA Hospital, North Chicago, IL: Project Manager for claim involving concrete labor inefficiency, HVAC, sprinkler and electrical coordination,
and VA furnished equipment delays. Participated in ADR proceedings
under VABCA.

Desulphurization Ductwork, Tennessee: Analysis of impact of design changes and acceleration to fabrication and erection of retrofit ductwork (2,000 tons) for power plant.

Ford Ranger Plant, Edison, NJ: Refuted labor inefficiency claims
for plant refitting of paint spray booths and mechanical systems
on an aggressive schedule.

High School Renovations, Bucks County, PA: CPM Scheduling for high school building renovations under multi-prime contracts.

Landfill, Frederick, MD: CPM scheduling and change order negotiation assistance for construction of landfill with liners system and leachate removal.

Microtel Hotel, Atlanta, GA: Project Management Oversight for completion of hotel project following termination of general contractor.

Sewer Construction, Westfield, NJ: CPM scheduling for contractor constructing sanitary sewers, lift stations and other structures.

Philadelphia Int’l. Airport: On-site construction engineer responsible for schedule, contract compliance, inspection and safety during construction of new Terminal “A” project.

Merck Pharmaceutical Plant, West Point, PA: Consulting for in-progress plant design/build construction to resolve problems with labor efficiency and schedule for process piping. Also negotiated subcontractor claims on behalf on Owner and Design/Build team.

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hatboro, PA: On-site inspection, scheduling and construction management services for plant expansion and renovation.

High Rise Hotel, Secaucus, NJ: CPM schedule review and oversight for Meadowlands Sheraton hotel construction.

As Geotechnical Engineer, designed and inspected building, bridge and utility foundations, roadways, and retaining structures. Performed extensive geotechnical field explorations
and laboratory soils testing, prepared geotechnical reports
and inspected dewatering and underpinning operations. Knowledgeable in the specification and use of geosynthetics.

Completed certified OSHA training in Occupational Safety
and Health for the Construction Industry. Knowledgeable in application of BOCA, AISC and ACI Codes, and structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and timber design of building

Publications/Seminars, Lessons Learned in Construction Management and Contracting

James T. Hamje has been accepted and testified as an expert on the following:

  • Construction Delay Analysis
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Analysis of Financial Damages
  • Prompt Payment of Contractor
  • Termination of Subcontractor for Default
  • Engineering Errors and Omissions
  • Engineering Standard of Care and Engineering Negligence
  • Sitework and Underground Utilities
  • Building Code Issues
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Interpretation of Plans and Specifications
  • Construction Workmanship and Quality
  • Construction Means and Methods

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