Frequently for small to medium claims, the issues in dispute are not highly complex, so why hire a team of experts with the attendant high and wasteful costs?

The specialty of DVCC is to have a single expert to do all the analysis and testimony for schedule delay analysis issues, costs, proper preparation of claims, technical contract specification interpretation and code issues, civil engineering issues and labor/resource productivity losses. With progressive experience in large claims, DVCC can also play an active role in these areas in coordination with other experts. In either case, the key to a good expert is that the person be an expert at being an expert. With over 35 years of experience, DVCC is ready to meet your challenging project recovery/evaluation or dispute resolution needs.

cpm expert james hamje

James T. Hamje P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

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  • BS Civil Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • MS Civil Engineering Drexel University
  • OSHA Construction Safety Certificate


  • Professional Engineer: Pennsylvania and New Jersey


  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Architectural Engineering Institute
  • Structural Engineering Institute
  • Construction Institute

Summary of Experience

Thirty-eight years of progressive experience in civil engineering, including design, construction management, expert services, CPM scheduling, estimating, calculation of damages, inspection and testing. Projects involved commercial and residential high-rise buildings, hotels, prisons, hospitals, stone cladding systems, airports, military facilities, schools, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical, FGD, power plants, industrial facilities, roadways and underground utilities.

Consulting Experience

As Construction Consultant, Mr. Hamje has extensive experience in CPM time impact schedule analyses, labor inefficiency studies, damage computations, preparation of contractor claims, and detailed technical analysis of project financing, design issues and contract interpretation. Mr. Hamje has provided expert testimony in court, arbitration and international arbitration and provided negotiation assistance in numerous dispute resolution forums.

Schedule Delay Analysis

Mr. Hamje has performed numerous complex CPM schedule delay analyses utilizing current court-accepted methodologies, mostly Time Impact Analysis and under some circumstances, As-Built Schedule Analysis and Impacted As-Planned Schedule Analysis.